MoldMasters offers a complete line of pro-active services that help provide invaluable information regarding the condition and “health” of a residential or commercial property as related to mold contamination and water damages. Information that if discovered after a purchase could prove to be financially devastating to a family or a commercial investor. These services are extremely beneficial for “new” construction and previously occupied properties alike.
Why take the risk?  

If you are a building contractor specializing in new construction or remodeling MoldMasters provides:

  • Microbial mitigation & prevention services for weather affected construction
  • Complete structural dehumidification dry out services.
  • Frame stage (pre-insulation) mold & moisture certification programs.
  • New construction-post purchase mold remediation warranty programs.

Set yourself apart from the pack and take advantage of these buyer & seller protection services provided by your MoldMasters of Spokane


MoldMasters provides investment information


Frame stage construction services

Remodeling? Call about MoldMasters dustless demolition services. Saves time, money & helps maintain a safe home & work environment. Also, if mold contamination is discovered during the materials removal process, MoldMasters is equipped and in place to perform immediate remediation services
“Fast & Affordably”