Most individuals or companies that offer mold inspection and testing do not have the years of practical remediation background experience needed to fully comprehend the entire scope of a mold or microbial decontamination project from start to finish.

In fact, most of them have no experience in the actual practical application of microbial decontamination remedial services at all. Therefore it is usually necessary for a client to seek help from multiple vendors in order to achieve a finished project.

These companies play the “conflict of interest” reasoning card. But the truth is that they lack the years of mandatory remediation project exposure, and will almost assuredly never acquire it, in order to be qualified in providing superior, convenient, competent and affordable total project services.

At times, this lack of practical application experience of full spectrum project comprehension, exhibits itself to the detriment of the client. They are commonly limited to relying only upon test results and monitoring instruments for their conclusions.

In addition, they are usually not certified trained, experienced or qualified to affect, disturb or remove any building materials as is so often imperative, in order to find hidden mold and moisture contaminated sites and conduct a complete and thorough investigation.

Also, these single dimensional service providers depend on revenue derived completely from inspections and test sampling only. The end result to you the client is additional time, frustration and severely inflated total project cost.

MoldMasters of Spokane’s personnel is nationally certified trained, experienced and competent, providing affordable and superior mold related services from start to finish.

The story your about to here is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

After a year of waiting, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, in this crazy real estate market, finally got an offer from someone to buy their home. The offer wasn’t for as much as they had hoped for, but in this economy they thought, at least they could now retire and start the new life they have been looking forward to for so long.

With the prospect of a short 30 day escrow agreement and a cash buyer from out of state, the Smith’s are joyfully packing, garage selling and whistling while they work.

About 4:00pm on a Thursday afternoon, on the 25th day of escrow, the phone rings. The display on the caller I.D. shows their friend and realtor Pam.  Mrs. Smith yells out to her husband, “it’s Pam… maybe the deal is done”.

Mr. Smith waits to here the news but there is no talking. As he walks in to see what’s going on, she is hanging up the phone.

He knows that something is wrong as he notices a tear fall from his wife’s eye.

“What is it” he says?

She turns, slowly looks up and say’s “Remember the mold they found on the ceiling in the attic by the home inspector for the bank… well the buyers said they don’t want to take the risk in buying our home with a mold problem while there are so many others to choose from…so they’ve backed out of the deal”.

You would not believe how often a situation like this occurs. 

Now, not only do they need to remediate the problem quickly before it ruins another sale, but how long will it be until anyone else is that interested again.

Also many times a home is actually blackballed from being shown by the realtors due to word of mouth as the story is shared to follow agents.

If you are putting your home up for sale…Be proactive. Call MoldMasters first.

Although there are still a few smaller independent insurance providers that cover damages cause by mold contamination regardless of the reason, most of the larger nationally known companies have discontinued that type of coverage.

We have experienced first hand the attempts made by the insurance industry and their agents to inaccurately interpret policy coverage to their insured customers. It is not uncommon for an agent or claims adjuster to quote that mold is not covered within your policy. This is usually true with regards to a chronic, slow or long term water leak due to a lack of common maintenance.

However, when a water or sewage damage claim is considered to be a covered loss by your insurance carrier, then by extension, any mold contamination development as a direct result from that water or sewage damage should also be covered as one loss.

If you experience a loss caused by fire damage that was extinguished by the fire department, an unexpected flood, water or sewage damage…then call MoldMasters of Spokane.

Not only are we experts at structural drying, mold growth prevention and decontamination, but we are ethically creative at assisting our clients through the insurance claims process in order to receive their rightful coverage.

It is your right to hire the service company of your choice. Choose MoldMasters.

I remember being on a mold investigation jobsite years ago, where the mold inspector who performed the air and surface test sampling requested I walk the project with him so that I could help with his remediation service protocol design.

While at the residence, the homeowner showed up to meet with us so that he could explain the test result findings. After sharing the information that there was a heavy concentration of Peniciliam & aspergillus’s mold specie found in airborne particulate form throughout the vast majority of the home, the homeowner who was not covered by insurance for this problem asked… what about my furniture and everything else in the house…can it be saved? The mold inspector looked at her and answered “ If it were me.. I’d burn it all!”

I was so embarrassed of this supposed “Certified” professional representing my industry, to know that had I not been there with this homeowner to hear this ridiculously incorrect advise, that this poor woman and her family might have been set back financially for years and might have given up some of their most precious, irreplaceable family heirlooms and memorabilia.

Having been a specialist in the disaster restoration, sick building decontamination, bio-hazard cleanup and the I.A.Q. industry as a business owner since 1986, I felt a moral and ethical duty to informed this client that not only did she not need to give up her material possessions, not one… but that the effort and cost would probably not exceed $3,000

I would estimate the total value of this family’s material possessions to be around the $75,000 mark. Not to mention the loss of memories. $3,000 vs. $75,000!

In general, unless furnishings have been in direct contact with mold and moisture over a long term basis, causing mold digestion and breakdown of organic fiber’s such as cotton, paper, wool, wood, etc, then almost certainly the can be cost efficiently cleaned or restored to there original condition.

Air-borne mold particulates that circulate throughout the ambient air in an indoor environment, are usually dry. And though Professional remediation expertise and specialty equipment usage may be necessary to obtain proper remediation results regarding the decontamination of furnishings and contents, the cost are likely more reasonable you think…when you hire MoldMasters

A normal call from a renter generally deals with these issues:

  • Since we rented this place, me or my family, or my children have been sick.
  • The owners or property management won’t do anything about it.
  • There is a black or green mold looking substance around my shower or windows

What Do I Do?

By department of housing universal standards, a renter of any residents has the understood right to expect a “ SAFE & HEALTHFUL LIVING ENVIRONMENT”

Unfortunately, there are many property renting individuals or companies that do not exhibit reasonable concern for their tenants wellbeing. On the reverse side, there are individuals that rent who are regularly requesting unreasonable services to be provided by the ownership.

The problem for the well meaning renters who have health concerns relating from the place they live, is that they feel powerless.

The ONLY way to prove out if your living indoor environment has a mold problem that may affect a person’s health is to test for it.

MoldMasters test sampling services ALWAYS include: A.I.H.A Certified results analysis documentation reports. These reports provide suitable and invaluable information beneficial for medical, insurance and litigation purposes.

The cost for having test sampling services performed, are more reasonable than you might expect. Call MoldMasters now for Fast & Affordable results.

This has got to be one of the most ridiculous “bogus” service offer scams in our industry. This is a sales con job offered in large part by dishonest or at least, completely incompetent and untrained pest control service companies.

Most of the time this is a service suggested by bug sprayers who are claiming to have spotted “mold” while inspecting for bugs inside your crawlspace. Even many  “mold remediation professionals” will elect to deceive their trusting clients, especially senior citizens.

True, there are some product solutions that may be applied through a sprayer in order to discourage potential mold growth.

But just so it’s clear, there is no certifying industry training body in the country that would support or teach the application of a “Mold Killing Spray” to an already developed mold growth site by applying a topical treatment.

When you need a company that will ALWAYS be honest, truthful and fair…

Call MoldMasters of Spokane